Camp Experts Recap

Kate Grace Physical Therapy 


Kate Grace, PT, OPA-C and Amanda Wing, DPT presented an educational talk to the participants fo the Power Line Advanced Softball Camp.   During the discussion, they discovered that 14 out of the 15 participants whose age range was 11-16 had had a sports related injury.  It was helpful for Kate and Amanda to provide these young athletes with the education and advice to help prevent future injuries as well as enhance their performance as young, up and coming softball players.

Kate and Amanda sent a PDF packet for anyone interested in having a copy of the stretches and strengthening exercises performed that day.  They have also offered to work with any of Power Line's athletes on an individual basis.  For more information visit .

Forza Institue


Angela Bessolo Robles, owner and founder of Forza Institute, taught athletes at Power Line's Advanced Camp about the importance of using their innate personality strengths to their advantage in a team atmosphere and in the college recruiting process.  As a former college softball athlete and coach, she was able to relate to the girls on a personal level.  Angela used exercises and hand outs to illustrate her message.

To expland on this presentation, Angela has offered through Forza to work with any of Power Line's athletes to educate them individually about the power of thier strengths.  visit

Anna Weltman

Anna Weltman, sports performance psychologist and owner, presented Power Line athletes with useful tools and exercises that helped prepare them for top performance.  Breathing, visualization, and handling stressors are all aspects that can sometimes outweigh an athlete's physical performance.  Every great athlete works to say in tuned with their mental fortitude.  This is a learned focus that can take an athlete's game to the next level.  Anna was able to touch on some of these important practices and has offered her services to Power Line athletes on an individual level.

Please visit her blog, for more information.

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