DeMarini Bat Sale!

Looking for the perfect bat for softball season? We will be selling the 2012 DeMarini bat line at a discount. All 2012 CF5, CF5 Insane, and Vendetta are $25 off!  So call in and order a -8 to -11 CF5 or CF5 Insane or the -12 Vendetta for younger players today to get shipped before games begin!



DeMarini's CF5 is the perfect bat for all girls getting serious about softball.  With awesome pop and an even weight distribution, it is no wonder that the CF5 is one of the most talked about bats in fastpitch right now!  SALE $275, plus tax.





DeMarini's CF5 Insane takes the same technology as the original CF5, but with the weight end loaded.  Pick up the CF5 Insane for your more experienced softball player and watch how their base hit line drives turn into bombs!  SALE $275, plus tax




DeMarini's Vendetta is a fantastic starter bat for younger players.  Vendetta's only come in -12 making it light enough for even the most inexperienced players, but with the pop off the bat that DeMarini is known for. SALE $175, plus tax.

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