May Newsletter 2013

May Newsletter 2013

May the Evaluations Begin!


Mental Coaching Newsletter

In order to develop as a complete player, evaluations need to be made to help progress. Using the Right View Pro Swing Analysis allows athletes to create reference points throughout their development. We do these video analyses every 90 days in order to track progress and make new goals for the next few months. It also allows the athletes to see how much their hard work pays off. An athlete could be in a slump right now, but looking back at her video from a few months ago could help trigger a light bulb which allows her to see how much progress she's made over the few months of training. Within each one-hour evaluation session we will use the RVP Video Analysis, test your effectiveness on different pitches, and discuss goals for the next 90 days. The month of May will be evaluation month, so be sure to call in today to find the best time slot for you!




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