• November Newsletter 2012

    Developing and Staying Thankful

    Our 3rd Annual Breast Cancer Open House was a huge success! We could not be more thankful for the NPF players and coaches, as well as all our supporters who joined us for the event. We were able to raise $1400 towards the Young Survival Coalition. Another special thank you to our sponsors - San Diego State University, Jersey Mike's, Insider Bats, XProtex, DeMarini/Wilson, LifLong Tee, CAbi Clothing, Skin Authority, Furs by Graf, National Pro Fastpitch, and NeriumAD. Also we had two guests, Gatorade and Geoff Miller, who helped educate our guests and give them additional information to help step their games up even more!

    Throughout the month of November we want to hear why you are thankful for softball! We get so caught up in playing games, practicing, and always preparing for the future, that it's nice to take a moment and reflect on the reasons you love softball. Reminding yourself why you are so passionate about the sport will help you remember why you put in so much hard work. Sport doesn't just keep us active and busy; it also teaches us many life lessons that can ultimately change lives. You learn about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, time management, mental strength, discipline, and much more. Sport also gives you the opportunity to travel and see places you may have never visited without it. There are so many things to be thankful for when it comes to sport, so please share them with us! Click the 'read more button' and you will see why us Power Line coaches are thankful, and hopefully it will inspire you to continue to be thankful while loving what you do!

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  • September Newsletter 2012

    Commit to Power Line's Complete Player Philosophy

    A complete player is not only talented, but has the drive and determination to get physically and mentally strong. The intangibles in an athlete are what make the fabric of champions. We want to develop each athlete completely, making them a desired player by all coaches, especially those who are going through the college recruiting process. Have that competitive nature, create confidence, be a team player, be coachable, show leadership on and off the field, know your responsibilities and stay dedicated to them, play aggressively and continuously show your passion for the game...THAT is the Power Line athlete who will compete at the highest levels.

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  • August Newsletter 2012

    Turn A New Leaf With A New Season


    Congratulations!  2012 was an outstanding summer for Power Line athletes, coaches, and teams!  We have been thrilled to hear all the great successes that everyone was having over the last month.  Hopefully you have taken a nice break after training and competing hard.  This time off is an excellent opportunity for you to take a mental break from the game, allowing you to start fresh for the Fall and to feel rejuvenated.

    Now we have the Fall season approaching which means try-outs and a new season is near. As you get back into your training routine, it is important to evaluate honestly what things you felt went really well this summer and what things need to be addressed.  Be specific in analyzing your fitness, mental approach, and skill sets.  From now through September, we go back to the basics at Power Line.  We break down your skills, making sure mechanically you are sound. Hitters and slappers, this is a perfect time to schedule a Right View Pro swing analysis, so consider getting that on your schedule this August.  Situational work will resume as your more competitive games begin in October.

    We are so enthused about the great strides everyone is making!!  With this new season, let it be a fresh start - dream big, train hard, and let’s see what even greater successes we can garner in the coming months!


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  • July Newsletter 2012


    You have been preparing all year for the big show, Nationals! Whether you are going to ASA Nationals, Premier, or Triple Crown, this is your time to show off all your hard work. You have prepared on and off the field for this, so don't let jitters or nerves take over. Stay focused on all the great skills you are bringing to the game and remain confident in your preparation.

    For those who just ended all-stars, it is important to take a mental break from the game, while using this time to build your Softball specific fitness! Continue getting stronger and faster with our strength and conditioning coach Melissa Hinkley. Set goals, plans, and work on your mental approach with mental skills coach Zoe Littlewood. Keep preparing yourself for the upcoming season, it will give you an edge and make you into the player you are dreaming of being.

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  • June 2012 Newsletter

    Summer, It's About YOU

    This month we want to emphasize the importance of taking care of yourself while you strive towards your goals. Hydration, nutrition, and exercise are a few key components that you must take into consideration this summer in order to optimize your performance! Help fight exhaustion in the final game of the tournament by making sure you are hydrated and eating properly! Below you find articles on hydration facts, different options to keep you hydrated, along with nutritional facts to help keep you fueled!

    In Geoff Miller's article found below he states, "Lots of players get so wrapped up in results that they have lost sight of the competing part of the game and they end up competing with themselves instead of with their opponents.  The pressure we place on ourselves to perform is almost always greater than the pressure that others place on us." Our mental approach to the game of softball is just as important as the physical aspects. Last newsletter we talked about confidence and how important of a role that it plays in your ability. This article puts in perspective how each athlete should be grateful to have the ability to be playing a sport they love, and to remind themselves that striking out is not the end of the world, but just part of the game.

    Start this Summer with a fresh perspective and lifestyle, helping YOU become a stronger and more well-rounded player! Take advantage of our new staff additions and get coaching with your mental approach to the game as well as strength and conditioning! Make this YOUR Summer!


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  • May 2012 Newsletter

    Confidence is Key!!



    May's Newsletter focuses on confidence, and how important it is to believe in yourself. Power Line's pitching coach Becca Heteniak wrote an expert article on the mental aspects of confidence and ways to achieve it. The newsletter also consists of the workout of the month - jump rope, and the nutritional tip of the month - protein. Our summer camps are also listed with the dates, times, and all other information. Make sure you read all the way through the newsletter because it is packed with educational articles, training information, discounts on lessons, and much, much more!!

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  • April 2012 Newsletter

    Pillars to Success

    Power Line's monthly newsletter consists of inspirational words from our coaches, upcoming events we are holding, monthly deals on equipment, expert articles, and all local softball schedules. We also include instructional videos with drills you can practice at home or incorporate into your practices. Each month we have a new workout and a different nutritional tip to help strengthen you as an overall elite athlete!

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