"I bring my daughter to Powerline because of the amazing mentoring she gets from successful, strong and determined women. I believe strongly that it takes a village to raise kids to become good, productive and successful adults. While my wife will always be my daughters greatest female role model, the mentoring, role modeling and exposure she gets through Powerline is priceless. If that weren't enough, Powerline has also been visibly and proactively involved in giving back to the community - supporting youth leagues and getting heavily involved in breast cancer prevention charities and events." -Jim Davis, Power Line Dad

"Heather (Power Line Athlete) is confident at the plate, hitting the ball hard, leading her team, and having a great time out there. All the credit goes to the Power Line approach." -Chris Menzer, Power Line Dad

“Sara is a dedicated and inspiring coach. Her skill and knowledge are only outmatched by her ability and interest in consistently putting the student-athletes first.”- Danni Barrall, Special Events, San Diego State University

“Sara Hayes, Owner of Power Line Consulting, is thorough, conscientious, and professional with every aspect of her business and provides an invaluable service to her clients.” - Randall Harrelson, Director, Sales and Operations, CoolerEmail

"Sara is an outstanding mentor, teacher, and leader. I cannot think of a more qualified coach to help young athletes navigate through the recruiting process. Her experiences as a coach and player will benefit both colleges and incoming students." - Leigh Podlesny, Owner, Chicago-based private coaching business; former Head Coach, Middle Tennessee State University

“Sara has been a huge help to me both as a hitting coach and a mentor. Her expert technical advice and easy to talk to style set her apart from other coaches.” - Current Division 1 student-athlete

"I was lucky enough to have Sara Hayes to help navigate me through the recruiting process. With honest communication, clear direction and a fresh perspective, Sara helped me realize exactly where I wanted to spend my college career. I would gladly and highly recommend it to anyone." - Former student-athlete, DePaul University

"Having Sara for a coach was a great experience for me not only as an athlete but as an adult. Upon arriving into Chicago from my home state of Montana, let’s just say my nerves were going crazy, but there Sara was to pick me up from the airport. She was more than just a coach, she was a mentor and friend. She was dedicated to every individual on the team no matter what skill level. She pushed us to be our best and always took time to go above and beyond what was required. Above anything she was honest, forthcoming, and encouraging." - Alyssa Hyem, Hyem Insurance Services

“I was always impressed with the work ethic that Sara had each and everyday. She was always a very positive person to both the people she worked with and more important her players." - Former colleague, University of Northern Iowa

“I have worked with Sara on both a personal and professional level. Sara exhibits qualities that exemplify her abilities as a leader and mentor to both peers and students. She is devoted, well organized and has a positive attitude no matter what the situation. I highly recommend Sara and know she will give you her best always” - Marianne Dolack, Certified Comprehensive Coach, BearingPoint Coaching/Life-Caddie

“Sara was my softball coach my freshman year at DePaul University. Her work ethic and coaching style was to bring a positive attitude and motivational spirit to the team. She helped me develop and fine tune my ability to be a switch hitter as well as grow as player and individual. Every day I came to practice or a game, I was thankful to have Sara as a coach and teammate.” - Laura Visin, Community Relations, Chicago Rush Arena Football



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