• Slapping Lessons

    Watch lefty slapper/hitters Caitlin Lowe, Natasha Watley, Amy Chellevold, Michelle Moultrie, and Brittany Rogers compete against the top defenses in the world and you see a physical chess match. A lefty slapper/hitter’s role is to get on base. To do this lefty slapper/hitter must develop the skills necessary to outsmart the defense, and the physical capability to put the ball where she wants it to go. They must be confident and sound with the fundamentals, track the ball deep in the zone, as well as read the defense while remaining sneaky and smooth.

    The most up-to-date slapping and hitting techniques used in college softball today are presented in private lessons. Power Line coaches bring college softball playing and coaching experience into teaching and developing these skills. This direct connection to the game and the ability to thoroughly understand the process of specific technique work provides the softball athlete the opportunity to excel at the highest level.

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