• Athlete of the Month – January

    Stavi Augur

    January's Athlete of the Month is Stavi Augur, one of the most naturally talented athletes we've been fortunate enough to coach.  She started turning heads when she played for North Shore as a young athlete, and now plays for one of the top ranked teams in the country, 14U Power Surge. Stavi is set to impress this year, and she's on quite the roll. Her batting average the last month was .575, with a .605 on base percentage. She leads the team in home runs with 6, stolen bases with 15, and RBI's with 28. The great thing about Stavi is that she is an all around outstanding player. Defensively she can play anywhere, and owns every position like it's her starting spot. Her footwork is quick and efficient, and her arm is fire.  Stavi is in her freshman year at Torey Pines High School, where we're certain she's going to set records, so make sure you catch a few of her games! Her journey so far has been extremely impressive, and we can't wait to continue to watch her grow as a student athlete.

    Stavi is one of the most athletic players I have ever coached.  Think of this, she hits for great power, hits for average, plays incredible defense, and.......leads the team in stolen bases.  Stavi is the perfect explanation of the term describing the best of all players, a 'Five Tool' player.


    Five Tool Player
    ·Running Speed--Stavi is one of the fastest players on our Power Surge 99 team and we are very fast.  Leads the team in stolen bases.  Runs a 2.90 time to 1st base.
    ·Arm Strength--Stavi has a cannon for an arm.  The ball is like shot out of cannon when she throws the ball.  She can throw a strike from deep centerfield to home plate wit ease.
    ·Hitting For Average--Many power hitters only hit for power.  That is great of course as there is nothing like a home run.  But Stavi not only hits for power but has one of the highest averages on the team.  Hitting over .450 Stavi hits some line drives that I don't think many infielders want to get in the way of.
    ·Hitting for Power--She does this so well.  Her compact strong body and great swing taught by Powerline has made her one of the leading home run hitters in SoCal.  She has hit 6 home runs in the last two weekends.  They seem effortless when she hits them but boy do they go a long way.
    ·Defense--This gal can play anywhere on the field.  Third Base, Short Stop, Outfield, she is great at all of these positions.  She is so good a defensive player that as a coach I can't figure out where to put her sometimes.


    What a great player and person Stavi is.  I am lucky to coach her and I am sure I will be watching her on TV in the future in the NCAA College World Series.


    Scott Berndes
    Power Surge President, and 14U Power Surge Head Coach
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