• Congratulations Meghan Bovee, and Hope Frisch!!

    Power Line would like to congratulate Meghan Bovee, and Hope Frisch on their commitment to play college softball!!!

    Meghan Bovee signed her National Letter of Intent (NLI) with Dakota Wesleyan University.  She will be graduating this year and joining the Tigers for their 2013 season.

    Hope Frisch also signed her NLI with Union College.  She will be graduating this year as well and will join the Bulldogs for their 2013 season.

    Congratulations again!! These girls show the power of commitment!! They also prove our slogan works!!


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  • DeMarini Bat Sale!

    Looking for the perfect bat for softball season? We will be selling the 2012 DeMarini bat line at a discount. All 2012 CF5, CF5 Insane, and Vendetta are $25 off!  So call in and order a -8 to -11 CF5 or CF5 Insane or the -12 Vendetta for younger players today to get shipped before games begin!



    DeMarini's CF5 is the perfect bat for all girls getting serious about softball.  With awesome pop and an even weight distribution, it is no wonder that the CF5 is one of the most talked about bats in fastpitch right now!  SALE $275, plus tax.





    DeMarini's CF5 Insane takes the same technology as the original CF5, but with the weight end loaded.  Pick up the CF5 Insane for your more experienced softball player and watch how their base hit line drives turn into bombs!  SALE $275, plus tax




    DeMarini's Vendetta is a fantastic starter bat for younger players.  Vendetta's only come in -12 making it light enough for even the most inexperienced players, but with the pop off the bat that DeMarini is known for. SALE $175, plus tax.

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  • College Bound Athlete Package

    Take advantage of this program that combines every aspect of becoming an elite college athlete.  For those looking for the edge, this is the only program in the country offering complete athlete development, detailed evaluation, intense personalized marketing and college coach communication. Find your perfect college fit with the guidance of Power Line’s experienced staff.


    This pack is designed over a 12 month period.

    Please call for more information - 858*277*7792

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  • Share the Holiday Spirit at Power Line!



    Join us at Power Line in bringing in the holiday season with the gift of giving.  Come share with us a token of your family's traditions by bringing in a decoration for us to put up or an ornament for our very bare tree.  This is the time to show off your favorite decorative piece!





    Along with bringing in decorations to make your mark at Power Line, we will also be accepting donations of used gear to give to the needy.  Anything from gently used cleats to gloves to bats that have been outgrown will be accepted under our tree to give the gift of softball to the less fortunate.  We will be accepting donations throughout the month of December. Come put your gift under our tree for those who want to play but cannot afford to. 

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  • Complete Athlete Training Pack


    Power Line Consulting  is proud to announce the release of the Complete Athlete Training Pack. Are you pre-recruiting age, or college bound and want to stay on the fast track to the next level of softball? This pack includes all areas of softball to help transform you into the player of your dreams! Through developmental camps, lessons, Right View Pro swing analysis, speed and agility coaching, and one-on-one meetings with those who have paved the trail before, you can raise your skills to an advanced level. Meet with the staff at Power Line Consulting to create a personalized package to fit you! Take a look at the example below, and see some of the different options!

    The pack is designed over a 12 month period.

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  • Defensive Drill

    Defensive Insight: a note from Kristen Gensler


    As a defensive coach at Power Line Consulting, I teach the importance of attacking the ball. Whether you are an infielder or outfielder you should never be standing still while fielding. To help understand this concept better, I found a video of the USA team practicing. Take note how the players are constantly moving, staying low, and their transition from fielding to throwing is quick and smooth. If you have further questions feel free to contact me.

    Click the video below to watch the full workout.

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  • October Camps



    October Camps

    Sara Hayes

    University of Notre Dame graduate/College Coach/Power Line Owner

    Kristen Gensler

    University of San Diego standout/Power Line Coach

    Register Online




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  • Pitching: A Body and Mind Endeavor by Becca Heteniak


    Pitching: A Body and Mind Endeavor

    by Becca Heteniak

    “Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”  This quote by Robert Collier describes perfectly the hard work that must go into being a great and, ultimately, successful pitcher.  The pitcher is arguably the most challenging and time consuming of all positions in softball.  Of those girls who decide to take on the leadership in the circle, some excel while others never reach the tough standards being a pitcher entails.  The difference comes from two significant aspects of pitching: execution and mental toughness.  Good execution is often a result of mental toughness.  However, good execution is most notably due to being able to repeat the fundamental mechanics pitch after pitch.  The better the muscle memory, the more consistent a pitcher will be, and the way she faces mental challenges in practice will allow her to tackle those same challenges with ease come game time.

    Think back to some of the great pitchers through the past couple decades: Lisa Fernandez, Michele Smith, Jennie Finch, and Cat Osterman.  From the time when Michele and Lisa reigned and put softball on the map to now when Jennie has just retired and Cat still shines in the NPF, we see two universal similarities: proper fundamental mechanics and mental toughness.  When I played at DePaul and worked with pitching coach Cat Osterman, it was impressive to see first-hand the way she utilizes the fundamental form and the mental aspect of pitching to her benefit.  I realized that fundamentals and mental strength, accompanied by hours and hours of hard work and practice, are what gives pitchers a foundation for success.

    I believe teaching the fundamentals from a young age is important in creating a path of success for pitchers.  By promoting the proper mechanics, a pitcher will learn correct body position, arm circle, leg drive, and wrist snap.  Having a strong understanding of those important facets of pitching early on in a pitcher’s career will allow her the mental toughness to make adjustments under the pressure of a game situation.  I have learned in my experience that an interactive teaching style is more beneficial, especially with young pitchers.  It engages the athlete in the process of considering her body position, arm circle, leg drive and wrist snap and leads to better understanding of mistakes and quicker, more useful adjustments.  By forcing the thought process to occur, a pitcher will not only build a foundation of better fundamentals but also increase her mental toughness.  As she becomes more and more aware of the reasons behind poor pitches, she will understand the corrections and adjust accordingly.  This greater understanding will help a pitcher create muscle memory and ultimately become a more consistent competitor.

    Having an understanding of the fundamentals is also important as a part of the prevention of pitching-related injuries.  Too often now I see young girls sustaining injuries that could have easily been prevented by simply correcting improper mechanics.   And frequently these injuries are due to a lack of emphasis on the power of leg drive.  As females, we carry the majority of our muscle mass in our lower half.  Without the emphasis of increasing leg strength and drive, a pitcher is almost certain to end up with an arm injury.


    Today, the focus on picking up speed has become more prevalent.  A fundamental look into a pitch tells us that small increases in speed and strength in the proper mechanical form will help to increase pitch speed. Rather than simply trying to throw harder, focusing on increasing leg strength, picking up arm speed, and improving wrist snap through resistance and weight training is a safe and effective way to gradually build muscle and increase speed.

    Above all, making sure that a pitcher is held accountable for her pitches and her mental attitude is what will help her achieve success in the game of softball.  A pitcher is the physical leader on the field and she sets the tone of the game.  If her execution, mental toughness, or a mixture of the two is not at the level it should be, the rest of the team will follow suit.  Pushing a pitcher to figure out the mistakes she makes rather than giving her the answers with no thought on the matter will make her more independent and mentally strong.  A mentally strong pitcher is most often a successful pitcher. Look back to the great pitchers of the past and present and you will see fundamental pitchers that have a “take no prisoners” attitude.  That is how you become a successful pitcher and ultimately win in this challenging game.



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  • Power Line Hires New Pitching Coach – A Cause For Expansion



    SAN DIEGO, California (July 28, 2011) – Power Line Consulting is pleased to announce the hiring of its
    newest staff member, pitching coach Becca Heteniak, along with the expansion of the Power Line facility. Training will continue as usual during construction, which began July 28. The opening of the new space, which will accommodate pitching and additional team space, will be announced in late August.


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  • All-Skills Camp

    Power Line instructors and college returners will cover offensive and defensive softball skills and techniques used in college softball today.  Additionally, these camps will provide intense focus on speed and proper footwork with the help of regionally recognized speed coach Shawni Flint.

    $100 - All ages

    9-11am Hickman Field in Clairemont

    Sign up online through our Scheduler or call 858.277.7792 for more information!

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